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The Castle of Ghoul Hammond and How It Fell Into the Void

A penny dreadful epic in the Ridiculous tradition exploring queer shame, gender dysphoria, mental illness, cannibalism, loneliness, folk religion, oral sex, the rise of cinema over vaudeville, werewolves, biology, masculinity, femininity, exhaustion, confetti cake, chiastic failure, literacy, memory, and death. Ghoul Hammond is a creature born in a castle laboratory, sewn together from 13 corpses and powered by a radio transmission from the void by one Dr. Bartimouse Hammond. Development with The Fled, Central Square Theater, and SparkHaven Theatre.

The Interrobangers

Four groovy teens and a dog search the woods in their van to solve a mystery while exploring drugs, queerness, and the fear that men in rubber masks are scarier than monsters. The four question the world they know, looking into the parts of their history they would rather avoid. The Interrobangers has been developed by Roundabout Theatre Company, Theatre [Untitled], Tufts University, University of Massachusetts Amherst, and more.

At Hotel MacGuffin

Sometime in the middle of the 20th century, a thriller named At Hotel MacGuffin was not released to cinemas. This play, which does exist, is an adaptation of that movie, which does not exist. Drag, melodrama, noir, and cabaret combine into the feeling that you’ve been here before, you’ll be here again, and you’ll still be looking for that last piece. An instant classic from a time that didn’t happen, you never loved the original and can now enjoy all the nostalgia you don’t remember in an evening you’ll never forget. Winner of the Parity Development Award 2021.

Nosferatu, The Vampyr: A Palimpsest

Vampires never die for long. A multi-media horror of domesticity, real estate, and disease. Featuring original music by Alissa Voth, lip-sync, and thousands of rats. Millions of them. Premiere production stalked through the heart in March 2020, with a virtual production by SparkHaven Theatre and Homesick Play Project streamed by HowlRound in April 2020.

Let Me Not Be Myself

Two men named Hunter wait out the full moon in a dive bar in upstate New York. Stuck inside as a werewolf stalks the town, they're perhaps in more danger stuck with themselves. When a stranger wanders out of the storm, all kinds of transformations are set into motion.

Sinister Sisters

A fable of the queer people who shaped horror movie history. Part of Breaking & Entering Theatre's 2023 Rooftop Readings series.

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