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Script Supervision

"Sloth, you are the most efficient script assistant I have Ever worked with... You can put that on your website."

-Olivier Award Winning Lighting Designer Bruno Poet


Andrew Lloyd Webber's

Bad Cinderella

Script Assistant

Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber

Book By Emerald Fennell

Additional Material by Alexis Scheer

Lyrics by David Zippel


Tracked daily script changes in individual script logs, created new pages in the master rehearsal script, oversaw distribution to cast and creative team. Acted as sounding board for the writing team during development for the Broadway premier. 

Crossroad Tales, Assistant Narrative Director

Managed story development for the interactive fiction platform on mobile devices while also writing my own multi-chapter games.   Worked with Senior Writers to generate concepts, onboarded Junior Writers into our specific scripting format and game requirements.  Also managed the art asset archive of character and background images, and lead development for the short form projects of 5 minute games.

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